So you've reached the end of your first run at the 10 Minute Awakening Program...

For most members, one of three things has happened...

1) You've stuck to every session, felt a powerful change in your vibration and have already seen wealth entering your

Not just that but you feel momentum building as the barriers in your life clear and your mind fills with

prosperous thoughts giving you new found drive and desire for life. 

2) You've missed sessions due to having such a busy schedule... you've had your attention swayed from one thing to 
the next and have not yet got to fully focus on your dreams...

I know the feeling all too well. Fortunately all is not lost.

Life's smoothest seas often come after the harshest of storms, so keep sailing...

I have the solution for your busy schedule ahead. 

3) Is the most interesting of them all... You've had the time to do your sessions, you even did them a few times. 
But something is stopping you from following through and diving all in to this wonderful gift from god

Perhaps it's the friend that sniggered...

The fact that you keep forgetting...

or maybe it's the whispering voice in the back of your mind that says "nothing THAT good is ever going to happen for me"...

Whatever it is... it's stopping you from ever realising the true greatness hidden inside you! 

and it needs to be dealt with immediately, or risk forever remaining handicapped by your circumstances.


I need you to take a deep breath, close your eyes… and imagine this...

You’re Standing in Front of a Magical Mirror.

It's magical because its the one you look into every day since you started moving towards your dream life.
You’re standing there with your SOULMATE looking positively radiant in your glowing, beautiful body

You have unlimited energy, and even though you’re now achieving more than you ever expected… 

You’re just getting started!

Now that you have 10 Minute Awakening, you're erasing negative programming and REPLACING that negativity and stress with the exact mindset, achievements, and manifestations you want.

But I want you to realise something....

10 Minute Awakening is the first step on your journey, but now that you’ve cleared away that negativity…

and replaced it with the INCREDIBLE AWAKENING of Wealth Manifestation Power...


So Many People Before You Felt The Rumblings Of A New Life On The Horizon And Gave Up Too Soon...

and the reason is that there's so much NEGATIVE ENERGY that can get in your way!

I bring this up because although 10 Minute Awakening unlocks the door to your dreams... 

There are FORCES in your life that wish to CLOSE IT, and blind you once again to the unlimited power that is rightfully yours.

That's why you must continually work on this skill of connecting with the vibrational phenomenon... to STOP the bad energy from poisoning your well of wishes! 

As you probably already know...

3 Weeks Of Work Can Be Destroyed By Just A Few Days Of Bad Vibrations... So You Must Find A Way To Continually Work On Yourself...

...and that's why i'm excited about what i'm about to give you...

Maybe you’re excited to pay off the bills you’ve been hiding in the kitchen drawer for the last few months…

Or maybe it’s time to finally build a new deck… or create the kitchen of your dreams.

But one things for certain...

All of your biggest ambitions right now will seem like child's play compared to what truly happens when you


I'm not just talking about a 3 week program (although the one you just went through is one of the best self-help spirituality programs in the world)... 

I'm talking about creating a LIFESTYLE built around your Permanent Spiritual Awakening...

...And The Only Way To Do That... Is To Have A Truly INFINITE supply of manifestation and guided meditation materials, to create a LASTING flow of abundance in EVERY area of your life.

...and that's exactly the gift i'm giving you today!

Remember: 10 Minute Awakening erases your negativity and self-doubt… but once you're a "blank slate"... can actually replace that negativity with the programming you really want!

By using the intelligent power of your own God-given mind, you can create real, physical changes in the Universe around you... every day, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE...

And your freedom is truly limitless.

You can take control of ANY area of your life.

It’s 100% up to you!
MOTIVATE yourself with the “Energizer Bunny” excitement and passion you haven’t felt since you were a child.
Tap into the PRODUCTIVITY you need to accomplish each and every one of your goals in less time than you ever thought possible.
Enjoy fast and easy WEIGHT LOSS by using your brain’s natural ability to tone muscles and shed excess body fat while transforming your relationship with food.
Experience the best HEALTH of your life - and radiate positivity and beauty like never before.
And grow your WEALTH with the Awakened Wealth Program (plus a bounty of subliminal programs to give you complete control over your finances).
I’m not kidding when I say this gift is truly infinite.

You will receive a bounty of NEW manifestation programs, subliminal audios, and guided meditations that use neuro-linguistic programming to …

Allow you to MANIFEST the dream life you desire!

It’s Called Awakened Insiders:

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Awakened Insiders is an exclusive membership just for people like you… people who have embraced their True Purpose and are ready to create the life they want.

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You will no longer be a slave to the whims of the people around you.

You will finally take control over every single part of your life and manifest the joyful, passionate, and magical existence you deserve.

Your Gateway to Infinite Gifts Is OPEN Here's What You're Going To Get Inside...


The Core Pillar That Makes Awakened Insiders So Powerful Is The Hyper-Specialised Programs You Get Access To Each Month... Choose From Half A Dozen Programs Each Designed To 10X An Area Of Your Life Using The Power Of Brainwave Entrainment


If You're Looking For A Change From Your Current Program But Don't Want To Start A Whole New Course... The Single Tracks Are The PERFECT Solution. 

You Can Get A Fresh New Guided Meditation Track, 
At The Push Of A Button...


If You want to do some self work just using the power of our Sound-wave technology... the binaural tracks are the simple solution. 

these tracks are free from any pre-selected guided meditation so you could read your own affirmations whilst listening... or even get Your Own Guided track recorded yourself and listen to them both at the same time to create a truly custom manifestation solution.


The world's most extensive library of personal development, spirituality and self help videos ever made... you'll find incredibly rare mind altering videos from the brilliant minds of jim rohn, anthony robbins and bob proctor inside... You'll find it near impossible to find more value in one place anywhere else.

No matter what you want from life, it’s waiting for you inside.

This is the biggest, most comprehensive, and most powerful membership program for manifestation ever created.

And the next step is incredibly simple:

Step inside!

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You’ll also get 30+ bonus binaural audio programs designed to spark incredible changes in your mind and body, including…
Boost Your Creativity
Brain Chemistry Equilibrium
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Cerebral Harmony
Comprehensive Healing
Focused & Alert
Magnetic Fortune
Motivate Your Mind
Release Anger
Plus many more!

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I've done my absolute best to make it as easy as possible for you to step through the magical mirror and embrace your full potential.

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Look, I’m a big daydreamer. So I get it.

You love sitting there and imagining your magical new life.

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Are you ready to learn how this unlimited manifestation power can be yours, forever?

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A big cup of coffee costs $2 - $3. ($90/month.)
Oh, and a month of yoga classes cost you about $79 - $159.
And yes, the power to choose the exact life you want and manifest an unlimited bounty of gifts actually costs less than all of those things!

If that sounds good to you, then please stick with me for just a minute.
I want you to imagine one more scenario for me.

Imagine a world where EVERYONE has access to Awakened Insiders.

There would be no more sadness… because everyone could get the happiness and comfort they want through manifestation.

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